Friday, April 9, 2010

The "Corner Garden"

I don't think I have before pics of this area of the yard.  It was overgrown with this thorny, thin, wire like vine that would drive me NUTS.  There were 2 hydrangea planted here that were getting very sick looking.  What to do??  Well, as I was working on this the same day as I pruned the "magnolia", I did what would only come natural to a newbie gardener with no experience....I dug those bad boys up and moved them.

So this is the only picture I could find that gives you a "before" view.
Ugly, huh?
So, last year I had pruned these bad boys.  This year I dug 'em...and made 2 bushes into 3.

So, this is what the "Corner Garden" looks like now.
Whew!!  Much better!  The stool was a left over from the previous tenants.  There used to be a cool little elf dude but one of the workers threw him away.  I was bummed to discover that.

So, IN THIS CORNER (insert boxer announcer like voice) I will be attempting to grow:

AGASTACHE Lavender Hyssop (from Burpee seed packet)

Chamomile, German Matricaria recutita (from Burpee seed packet)

And, for a bit of drama......
Bells of Ireland Moluccella Iaevis (from Burpee seed packet)
This is the seed layout:

The little green circles are the Bells of Ireland.  The yellow circle on the left is the Chamomile, and the purple is the Lavender.  This corner of the house faces SW, so it gets full sun in the afternoon.  I water it daily.  There are little sprouts coming up but I think they are weeds or something.  But, since I have no real idea,  I have to wait and see if it becomes something wanted or unwanted before I pull it.

Ugghhh.  I have SOOOO much to learn!!

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  1. You are such a busy body! I'm so envious of your activity. I'm also envious of your use of little "special effects" like arrows and circles to show things. Pretty cool!