Monday, April 5, 2010

Tap, Tap, this thing on??

Ok, I've never blogged before.  I've never gardened before.  I have NOOO idea what I'm doing on either of these this should be an adventure!!

Here in VA we had the 'WINTER OF THEEEE CENTRUYYYYY" (insert echo sounds)

When the sun started to shine and unemployment provided unexpected free time, I got the gardening bug.  I started small and easy...and then fell into the bottomless pit of that which is my Victory Garden.
I hope I have fun along the way. (I would have said we...but I'm the only one who knows about this blog at the I'll just stick with that)  If nothing becomes of the least I have proof SOMEWHERE that I grew something.  Now...for any of it being edible is yet to be seen.!!!  LOL


  1. Can't wait! I've always dreamed of gardening but haven't ever really been a "success". I'll be living vicariously through you & your "hoe". Love you! Cap

  2. Better learn to can, can, can!!!