Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flower Garden

We have a beautiful Butterfly Bush here in the yard.  It's just beside the driveway and sits in perfect allignment  with my daughter's bedroom window.  I thought it would be great to encourage more butterflies by creating a little flower garden. So this is what I did.

Here is a before picture of the area:

See that bunch of Daffodils there beside the rock on the last picture??  I dug all of those up:
Then i dug up the new garden area:

And replanted the Daffodils:
Now the garden is much bigger!!
I also planted three seed packets worth of flowers in here.
One seed packet was Hummingbird Haven by Botanical Interests:

The second one was Bring Home the Butterflies by Botanical Interests:

And the third one was Grandmother's Cut Flower Garden
This should be one wild and crazy colorful garden!!

Check out Botanical Interests here.  They are family owned and really seem to be doing things right!!

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